Our Work at CHDS

The mission of the Center for Health Decision Science is to promote more informed and systematic decision making in the use of health-related technologies and public health practices both in the U.S. and worldwide, through the theory and application of decision science. Our work includes:

Research to develop new decision science approaches - both novel methods and new applications of existing techniques - that address contemporary clinical and public health problems with significiant health, quality of life, and/or economic consequences

Teaching and Training scholars and practitioners of health decision science from a broad range of clinical and academic disciplines at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels, to create a generation of decision scientists with a multidisciplinary perspective


Enabling the real-world impact of health decision science research to affect clinical and public health policy by disseminating and translating results into forms understandable by policymakers, actively engaging with policy communities, and providing service to government agencies, professional societies, and health care entities, both public and private, domestic and international.