Center for Outcomes and Policy Research

Bringing the power of outcomes assessment to cancer requires a large, multidisciplinary, collaborative team of investigators with expertise in both outcomes research methods and clinical oncology. Many Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) member institutions conduct outcomes research in cancer; only with the creation of the DF/HCC Program in Outcomes Research, however, did this effort achieve the required multidisciplinary expertise.. DF/HCC helps link research groups with a primary emphasis on cancer-related applications together with groups having greater methodologic strength.

This multidisciplinary group, established in 1995, is located at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The primary goals of the Center for Outcomes and Policy Research are to foster cross-disciplinary health services research in cancer, providing a rich training and mentoring environment for the next generation of outcomes researchers in oncology, and to educate the larger community about the goals, methods, and results of research in the field. Their work is focused primarily on cancer treatment.

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