Joshua A. Salomon

Professor of Global Health
Global Health and Population
Harvard School of Public Health
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Joshua Salomon, Ph.D. is a Professor of Global Health in the Department of Global Health and Population. His research focuses on priority-setting in global health, within three main substantive areas: (1) measurement of population health status and health valuations; (2) modeling and forecasting health outcomes and disease burden; and (3) evaluation of the potential impact and cost-effectiveness of current and future health interventions. A major emphasis has been on development of new approaches to data collection and analysis of health measurements with a particular focus on developing-country settings and aging populations. Another major research area revolves around development and application of analytic tools for priority-setting in global health. The goal of this work is to combine techniques of simulation modeling with decision analysis to inform decisions on use of existing health interventions and priorities for developing new technologies. Salomon earned his Ph.D. in 2001 from Harvard University.

Posted on October 14, 2011
Authors: Pande AH, Ross-Degan D, Zaslavsky AM, Salomon J
Am J Prev Med 2011 41(1): 1-8  PubmedID: 21665057


The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been controversial. The potential impact of national healthcare reform may be considered using a similar set of state-level reforms including exchanges and a m... (more »)

Posted on March 2, 2012
Health Econ. 2011 20(12): 152-31  DOI: 10.1002/hec.1683

The time trade-off (TTO) is widely used in population-based surveys to estimate health-state valuations. Typically, respondents may characterize states as being better than or worse than dead. However, worse-than-dead responses can produce stro... (more »)

Posted on March 1, 2010
Authors: Clarke PM, Glasziou P, Patel A, Chalmers J, Woodward M, Harrap SB, Salomon JA, ADVANCE Collaborative Group
PLoS Medicine 2010 7(2)  PubmedID: 20186272   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000236

BACKGROUND: Diabetes imposes a substantial burden globally in terms of premature mortality, morbidity, and health care costs. Estimates of economic outcomes associated with diabetes are essential inputs to policy analyses aimed at prevention an... (more »)

Posted on April 1, 2010
Authors: Lee GM, Salomon J, Gay C, Hammitt JK
Health Qual Life Outcomes 2010 8(28)  PubmedID: 20226042   DOI: 10.1186/1477-7525-8-28

BACKGROUND: A 26-valent Group A Streptococcus (GAS) vaccine candidate has been developed that may provide protection against pharyngitis, invasive disease and rheumatic fever. However, recommendations for the use of a new vaccine must be inform... (more »)

Posted on April 1, 2010
Authors: Rudan L, Chan KY, Zhang JS, Theodoratou E, Feng XL, Salomon JA, Lawn JE, Cousens S, Black RE, Guo Y, Campebell H, WHO/UNICEF's Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (CHERG)
Lancet 2010 375(9720): 1083-9  PubmedID: 20346815   DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(10)60060-8

BACKGROUND: Previous estimates of the global burden of disease for children have not included much information from China, leading to a large gap in data. We identified the main causes of deaths in neonates (<1 month), postneonatal infants (... (more »)

Posted on August 25, 2010
Medical Decision Making 2010  PubmedID: 20729510

Motivated by observed discrepancies between 2 published studies on the cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination in Vietnam, the authors' objectives were to illustrate a specific, systematic approach to assessing model (structure and process)... (more »)

Posted on October 12, 2010
Authors: Brown T, Bao L, Raftery AE, Salomon J, Baggaley RF, Stover J, Gerland P
Sexually Transmitted Infections 2010  PubmedID: 20929855

Objective The UNAIDS Estimation and Projection Package (EPP) is a tool for country-level estimation and short-term projection of HIV/AIDS epidemics based on fitting observed HIV surveillance data on prevalence. This paper describes the adaptati... (more »)

Posted on November 17, 2010
Authors: Goldhaber-Fiebert JD, Lipsitch M, Mahal A, Zaslavsky AM, Salomon J
PLoS one 2010 5(11)  PubmedID: 21079809

BACKGROUND: This study characterizes the historical relationship between coverage of measles containing vaccines (MCV) and mortality in children under 5 years, with a view toward ongoing global efforts to reduce child mortali... (more »)

Posted on November 22, 2010
Health Economics 2010  PubmedID: 21089184   DOI: 10.1002/hec.1683

The time trade-off (TTO) is widely used in population-based surveys to estimate health-state valuations. Typically, respondents may characterize states as being better than or worse than dead. However, worse-than-dead responses can produce stro... (more »)

Posted on December 3, 2010
Author: Salomon J
WHO Bulletin 2010 88(12): 879  PubmedID: 21124707
Posted on December 9, 2010
Authors: Hogan DR, Zaslavsky AM, Hammitt JK, Salomon J
Sexually Transmitted Infections 2010 86(Suppl 2): 84-92  PubmedID: 21106520   DOI: 10.1136/sti.2010.045104

OBJECTIVE: UNAIDS and country analysts use a simple infectious disease model, embedded in the Estimation and Projection Package (EPP), to generate annual updates on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our objective was to develop m... (more »)

Posted on January 3, 2011
Authors: Profit J, Lee D, Zupancic JA, Papile L, Gutierrez C, Goldie S, Gonzales-Pier E, Salomon J
PLoS Medicine 2010 7(12)  PubmedID: 21179496   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000379

BACKGROUND: Neonatal intensive care improves survival, but is associated with high costs and disability amongst survivors. Recent health reform in Mexico launched a new subsidized insurance program, necessitating informed cho... (more »)

Posted on November 7, 2012
Authors: Salomon J, Hogan D
AIDS 2008 22 (Suppl)S149-S159

As global efforts proceed to scale up the delivery of antiretroviral therapy (ART) to HIV-infected persons in most urgent need, it is essential to understand the potential impact of treatment expansion on the transmission of new HIV infections. In... (more »)

Posted on November 2, 2011
Authors: Gonzalez-Pier E, Gutierrez-Delgado C, Stevens G, Barraza-Llorens M, Porras-Condey R, Carvalho N, Salomon J
The Lancet 2007 368(9546): s27-s52  PubmedID: 17084761

Explicit priority setting presents Mexico with the opportunity to match the pressure and complexity of an advancing epidemiological transition with evidence-based policies driven by a fundamental concern for how to make... (more »)

Posted on February 1, 2010
Authors: Salomon J, Lloyd-Smith James O, Getz Wayne M, Resch S, Sanchez Maria S, Porco Travis C, Borgdorff Martien W
Plos Medicine 2006 3(8): 1302-1309  PubmedID: 240213000000   ISSN/ISBN: 1549-1277   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0030273

BACKGROUND: Development of new, effective, and affordable tuberculosis (TB) therapies has been identified as a critical priority for global TB control. As new candidates emerge from the global TB drug pipeline, the potential impacts of novel, s... (more »)

Joshua Salomon
Spring 1
Stephen Resch
Spring 2
This course features case studies in the application of health decision science to policymaking and program management at various levels of the health system. Both developed and developing country contexts will be covered. Topics include: [1] theoretical foundations of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA); [2] controversies and limitations of CEA in practice; [3] design and implementation of tools and protocols for measurement and valuation of cost and benefit of health programs; [4] integration of evidence of economic value into strategic planning and resource allocation decisions, performance monitoring and program evaluation; [5] the role of evidence of economic value in the context of other stakeholder criteria and political motivations.

RDS 282 will not be offered for 2010-2011

Dynamic Modelling of New TB Diagnostic Strategies

Estimating the impact and cost effectiveness of the GeneXpert tuberculosis assay in low resource, high burden settings

Cost-Effectiveness, Affordability, and Uncertainty

Even countries eligible for GAVI support for new vaccines will have to consider financial sustainability in addition to cost effectiveness