Emily A. Burger

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
PubMed Publications

Emily Burger is postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Health Decision Science. In 2014 she received her Ph.D. in Health Policy and Economics from the University of Oslo after defending her doctoral thesis on the Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related Conditions in Norway.  Her current research interests include using static and dynamic disease simulation models to estimate the cost-effectiveness of preventing HPV-related conditions in the US, Norway and other developed settings. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Society of Medical Decision Making’s Lee Lusted prize for her research on expanding the HPV vaccination program in Norway to women outside the routine program. Emily's research also includes eliciting preferences of Norwegian women with respect to new cervical cancer screening technologies that are currently under consideration by the Norwegian government. She received her MPhil in Health Economics and Policy in 2010. She is a previous Visiting Scholar at the Center for Health Decision Science and has been a Teaching Fellow for RDS280 and RDS286.