Paula Chu

PhD Candidate
PubMed Publications

Paula Chu is a fourth-year PhD student in the Health Policy Program with a concentration in decision science. She has a BA with honors from the University of Chicago where she double majored in Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies and an MS from the Harvard School of Public Health in Global Health and Population. She has worked in health economics and outcomes research assessing cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact of several pharmaceutical drugs and as a research assistant and project manager at Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Global Health Institute, and the Center for Health Decision Science. Her current research involves examining the health and economic consequences of contraceptive methods and assessing the cost-effectiveness of mind-body therapies on cardiometabolic health.  She was a National Library of Medicine trainee (2011-2012) and a Harvard Global Health Institute Doctoral Research fellow (2012-2013).

Cost-effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

There is little guidance, and few evidence based analyses, on how to cost effectively scale-up local efforts to reduce maternal mortality in the poorest countries