Steven Sweet

Research Projects Manager
Center for Health Decision Science
Harvard School of Public Health
PubMed Publications

Steven Sweet is a Research Projects Manager for Dr. Goldie and manages several projects that span areas ranging from assessment of new technology to modeling analyses of infectious and chronic disease interventions. He also serves as the administrative leader for the Center for Health Decision Science and through these positions, blends research and administration as he manages the day-to-day operations of the Center. He is responsible for assisting with short- and long-term strategic planning, financing and overall operations for the Program. Prior to joining Harvard, he was involved in the launch of the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program in 2002. The program was the culmination of several years holding various positions in the insurance industry related to long-term care, which included pre- and post-sale marketing, legal and regulatory functions, as well as data analysis to determine successes and failures in group underwriting practices, based on predictive properties of screening questionnaires.

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