Werner Valdés Romero

PubMed Publications

Werner Valdés Romero has a BA in economics and a specialty in health economics provided by the Bolivian Catholic University. He also has a specialty in preparation and evaluation of public investment projects provided by the Institute for Municipal Research and Development. He has participated in courses, seminars, workshops and national and international meetings related the area of health economics.

Werner had honorific mention as one of the top four students in the career of Economics in 2003 (Award of Excellence) of the Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo". The thesis presented to obtain the academic degree was entitled: "A stochastic static model to determine the impact of child mortality on the fecundity in Bolivia".

From 2004 to 2008, Werner worked as a health economist in the Health Sector Reform Project at the World Bank. During this period, he was also the representative of the Ministry of Health of Bolivia in the commissions about economy and health in both the CAN and MERCOSUR. In 2009, he conducted training in Health Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean dependent of the Mexican Health Foundation (FUNSALUD). He is currently an independent consultant to both public and private national institutions, as well as international organizations. Some of his recent works have focused on the methodology of the System of Health Accounts, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost benefit analysis, financing and expenditures flows of health programs, social security programs, cost structure of social programs, analysis of the pharmaceutical market, autonomy and decentralization of health, among others.