Teaching & Training

Sue Goldie Teaching RDS 280 Fall 2009

Center faculty teach health decision science at the Doctoral and Masters levels.  The Ph.D. Program in Health Policy in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, with its concentration in Health Decision Science, is the main program for doctoral training in health decision science. All degree programs allow for coursework in other departments in the Harvard School of Public Health, and cross-registration in other Harvard faculties and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Masters programs that offer a focus in health decision science include the Master of Science in Health Policy and Management (research track), and the Master of Public Health (quantitative methods track and clinical effectiveness track). The Summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness (physicians only) and the HSPH Summer Institute include introductory and intermediate courses in health decision science.

Courses taught by CHDS core faculty included Decision Analysis for Health and Medical Practices (RDS 280), Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis for Health Program Evaluation (RDS 282) [not offered for 2010-2011], Decision Theory (RDS 284) [not offered for 2010-2011 or 2011-2012], Decision Analysis Methods in Public Health and Medicine (RDS 285), Decision Analysis in Clinical Research (RDS 286), and Methods for Decision Making in Medicine (RDS 288).