Harvard School of Public Health MPH Program

The MPH Program is geared toward health professionals requiring analytical and statistical skills for successful public health practice and research. It is designed for both mid-career health professionals and those in the early stages of their careers. Program graduates commonly supervise population-based health research in government, health care institutions, and private industry. Many graduates practice in academic medicine.

This demanding, interdisciplinary program emphasizes student-directed learning, problem solving, and the acquisition of fundamental public health skills (including biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration, and social and behavioral sciences). In addition to completing a core curriculum, students pursue their professional objectives through a choice of seven career-oriented concentrations, which offer specialty electives and areas of interest. The concentrations and areas of interest enable students to establish links with one or more of the school's academic departments.

As the culmination of the program, students typically give presentations demonstrating the application of their knowledge in a real world context. The concentration of Quantitative Methods emphasizes study design, data analysis, and the application of quantitative methods to decision-making and to public health research. The concentration of Clinical Effectiveness is designed for participants in one or two summers of the Clinical Effectiveness Program.

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