Predicting Cardiovascular Disease Risk in India and South Africa

Evaluating strategies for assessing cardiovascular risk


Approximately 14 million individuals died of cardiovascular disease in 1990, and this number is projected to rise to about 25 million by 2020. In large part, this increasing global burden due to cardiovascular disease can be explained by sociodemographic changes in developing countries, which now experience a much greater burden of cardiovascular disease than do developed countries. In addition, developing countries are expected to experience the greatest rise in cardiovascular disease burden over the next few years. While cardiovascular disease prevention programs implemented in developed countries have proven highly effective at averting cardiovascular disease, it is unlikely that these programs will be directly applicable for use in developing countries.

Center investigators studying cardiovascular and pulmonary disease include Drs. Weinstein and Gaziano at 718 Huntington Ave.

Center for Health Decision Science faculty and researchers sponsor and participate in a Cardiovascular working group intended to foster increased collaborations within and between institutions.