Division of Health Policy & Insurance

The Division of Health Policy & Insurance Research (HPI) within the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Medical School conducts rigorous research to inform the development of health policies and health systems innovations that improve access to care and health outcomes in the U.S. and globally.

Harvard Decision Science Laboratory

The Harvard Decision Science Laboratory at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government is an advanced research facility that creates and supports a community of scholars working in the many intersecting areas of Decision Science.  They provide a critical resource to researchers from across Harvard University.

Institute for Quantitative Social Science

The Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at the Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences builds cutting edge social science infrastructure to foster a flourishing community of social scientists.  They have established large-scale Harvard-wide partnerships to develop expertise and products such as the Harvard Dataverse and the Applied Statistics Workshop series.

Moral Psychology Research Lab

The Moral Psychology Research Lab at the Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences investigates how people learn and make decisions in social contexts, particularly focusing on moral judgment and decision making.  They use methods that include surveys, economic games, functional neuroimaging, and computational modeling.