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Cost-Effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce Maternal Mortality

Based on current age-specific rates of gastric cancer and projected demographic changes, the annual number of expected deaths worldwide will increase from 700,000 to 1.4 million by 2030. Jennifer Yeh uses decision-analytic simulation models to estimate the contribution of risk factor patterns on gastric cancer trends and to assess the cost-effectiveness of primary and secondary gastric cancer prevention strategies. Scan selected publications below.
Scaling Up Cervical Cancer Prevention

This analysis used decision analytic modeling to estimate the health impact, financial costs, and cost-effectiveness (dollars per disability-adjusted years of life averted) of scaling-up coverage of two-dose HPV vaccination of 10 year old girls, and once per lifetime cervical cancer screening of women at age 35, in 50 low- and lower-middle-income countries. Learn more.

Cost-effectiveness and Affordability

Cost-effectiveness acceptability curves summarize the distribution of expected benefits and costs in the context of multivariate uncertainty, but don't distinguish between joint distributions of costs and effects that are correlated but differ in scale. Learn how cost-effectiveness and affordability were both considered for HBV vaccination in the Gambia.

Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds

In global health, interventions that impose costs per disability-adjusted life year averted less than three and one times GDP per capita are often considered cost-effective and very cost-effective, respectively. This article explores the conceptual foundation and derivation of these thresholds, and suggests options for improvement. Learn more.

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