Nardeen Ayad, MD, MSc, is a pediatric hematology consultant in Cairo University Pediatrics Hospital and teaching assistant of economics in the American University in Cairo. She is a graduate of Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation and teaching fellow at Harvard Medical School (Health Quality and Safety-HQS and Value Based Healthcare and Population Management-CSO Master Programs). Nardeen obtained her undergraduate medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt before pursuing her master’s degree in pediatrics during the same period of her residency training in Cairo’s University Teaching Hospital. Along with her clinical experience in medicine, she has double majored in economics and international development (bachelor’s and master’s degree) from the American University in Cairo where she has worked as teaching assistant of economics. The main drive behind her multidisciplinary study approach is the hope for advancement of the health care systems in developing countries. Following this passion, she also worked as health economist in the World Health Organization, UNICEF, World Bank Group, and other NGOs seeking to gain more knowledge about the needs of the society and how to link research to the everyday questions/challenges in the clinical practice and to the larger healthcare policy making decisions.