Selected initiatives, publications and resources that reside at the nexus of research, policy and practice are featured below.

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TB Modeling & Analysis

The TB Modeling and Analysis Consortium enhances global and country-level TB care and prevention policy and practice by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, providing quality modeling resources, and supporting informed decision-making for better integration of modeling in decision making.

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PRIMECare Trial - Argentina

PRIMECare is a cluster-randomized clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of a multicomponent strategy (mHealth screening tools, community health workers, integrated electronic appointment scheduler, point-of-care lipid testing, clinical decision support for medication initiation, SMS reminders and educational messaging) to improve cardiovascular disease management across three provinces.

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CISNET Cervical

CISNET Cervical works with NCI to apply mathematical modeling methods to evaluate cost-effectiveness of prevention strategies against cervical cancer and other diseases related to HPV.

Single-arm Trial Design Estimates Efficacy

Studies to confirm the efficacy of a single HPV vaccine dose, of vaccine durability, and of vaccination modifications are needed, but randomized controlled trials are costly and face logistical and ethical challenges. In this study, the authors demonstrate proof-of-principle that a single-arm design yields valid estimates with similar precision to a randomized controlled trial.

COVID-19 Mortality Prevention

What are the costs of avoiding Covid-19 deaths by vaccinations versus lockdowns? This model demonstrate that both lockdowns and vaccination campaigns effectively lower COVID-19 deaths, but the cost to avoid one COVID-19 death with effective vaccination is 50-466 times lower than with a lockdown.

Cost-Effectiveness of Novel TB Vaccines

The cost and cost-effectiveness of novel tuberculosis (TB) vaccines, which depend on vaccine price and delivery strategy that vary by country, are needed by developers, manufacturers, and potential purchasers to guide investment decisions. This study estimates future costs, cost-effectiveness, and return on investment for novel TB vaccines in low- & middle-income countries.

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Featured Resource: A Conversation with Howard Raiffa

Fienberg interviews Howard Raiffa in April, 2000 preceding his receipt of the 1999 Dickson Prize in Science awarded by Carnegie Mellon University to honor the person judged by the University to “have made the most progress in the scientific field in the U.S. for the year in question”. Fienberg SE. The Early Statistical Years: 1947–1967 A Conversation with Howard Raiffa. Institute of Mathematical Statistics 2008.