The CHDS Media Hub is an experimental digital environment to explore, experiment and prototype creative multimedia approaches for teaching, learning and communicating about decision science. Check out our featured event!

Image of Myriam Hunink Speaking at Meeting.

People and Perspectives

Hear from our faculty, students, partners, and colleagues as they share perspectives about the field of decision science – from updates about research, to stories about policy and practice, to musings about recent pilots and prototypes.

Image of Sue Goldie in CHDS Media Hub.

Content Prototypes

These are examples of multimedia prototypes for decision science teaching and learning in which we experiment with a variety of instructional approaches in the digital environment - exploring choices about content and pedagogy.

Image of Sue Goldie Drawing/Writing Decision Science Trees and Concepts.

Visualizing Complexity

Scan through examples from our brainstorming sessions and prototyping process. We experiment with a variety of visual tools to map, sketch and graph complex concepts and to provide visual scaffolding for learners.

Image of Jake Waxman Assembling Technical Equipment in Media Hub.

Behind the Scenes

With a deliberative workshop culture and lab-studio atmosphere, the media hub maintains an open digital window, sharing process and prototypes. Check out snapshots and short videos that give you a glimpse behind the scenes!