Hear from our faculty, students, partners, and colleagues as they share perspectives about the field of decision science – research, education, policy and practice.

Faculty director Sue J. Goldie discusses policy translation and bridging the communication gap between disciplines using a HPV vaccination policy example with CHDS faculty Jane J. Kim.

Conceptual Fluency

Faculty director Sue J. Goldie explains conceptual fluency between decision science methods (mathematics) and real-world use (policy) using iterative processes and translation to different audiences. Read more: Practice and Policy

Spillover Effects

CHDS faculty Eve Wittenberg serves as a guest speaker on a CHDS Media Hub podcast to discuss spillover effects and how the patient is not the only one affected by illness. Read more: Preferences and Values

Blood Pressure Guidelines

In an interview with the CHDS Media Hub, Dr. Patrick O’Gara shares his perspective about the new Blood Pressure Guidelines (2017). Related collection: Cost-Effectiveness of Screening and Treatment for Hypertension

Educational Innovation Scholar

Recent MPH graduate Janice Jhang discusses her decision science journey and work as an Educational Innovation Scholar with Sue J. Goldie and the Alan Colowick Innovation Fund. Related news: CHDS Educational Innovation Scholar Update