Explore examples of multimedia prototypes for decision science teaching and learning as we experiment with a variety of instructional approaches.

Bayes and Beans

In this video, Professor Myriam Hunink introduces the concept of “diagnostic Bayesian thinking” through a simple example and a visual representation using beans! Explore the teaching pack with related videos created in the Media Hub.

Value Centered Care

In this video, Dr. Ankur Pandya use a graph to examine possible economic barriers to illustrate a greater push towards value centered care. Read the related news story and learn more about cost-effectiveness analysis.

Videos below give a glimpse into a teaching pack of interactive learning materials about building decision trees, developed by Dr. Sue J. Goldie in the CHDS Media Hub.

Part 1: A Fathers Decision

Students identify the elements of a decision and build a decision tree to represent the events in the sequence in which they occur, differentiating decision nodes, chance nodes, and terminal nodes. Explore the teaching pack.

Part 2: A Fathers Decision

Students integrate the data provided on probabilities and outcomes and calculate the expected value of each alternative. They then conduct a sensitivity analysis to gain insight into how the results would change. Explore the teaching pack.

Check out more prototypes.