The Harvard Chan School honored the career of Dr. Milton C. Weinstein in a celebratory symposium and reception. Scroll down to watch videos and listen to podcasts from the event!

Milt was surprised with a multimedia compilation of reflections and expressions of gratitude from students and colleagues. The video above, created by the CHDS Media Hub, is an excerpt from a larger collection produced as part of a year-long effort operating under the code name, “Project Legacy”!

Dr. Milton C. Weinstein

Dr. Milton C. Weinstein provided closing comments, reflecting on the evolution of health decision science, his personal journey, and thanking his students, colleagues, and family.

Dr. Sue J. Goldie

Dr. Sue J. Goldie described how she arrived on Milt’s doorstep more than 20 years ago, and the pivotal role he has played in her career, as a mentor, colleague and friend.

Dean Michelle Williams

Dean Michelle Williams launched the symposium with a thoughtful reflection of Milt’s early years at Harvard and his brilliant academic career spanning nearly five decades.

Dr. Arnold Epstein

Professor Arnie Epstein, department chair, welcomed the crowd with humorous anecdotes and respectful appreciation for Milt’s role in the department, school and beyond.  

Dr. Lee Goldman

Dr. Lee Goldman, reflected on his long-standing collaboration with Milt, the early roots of the coronary heart disease policy model, and the ripple effect of Milt’s influence in academia.

Dr. Harvey Fineberg

Dr. Harvey Fineberg, past Dean of the School of Public Health and Provost of Harvard University, provided a big picture perspective about Milt’s contributions to the field.

Dr. Kenneth Freedberg

Dr. Kenneth Freedberg reflected on Milt’s role in the CEPAC model, mentorship of junior faculty and the policy impact of their shared scholarship in HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Uwe Siebert

Dr. Uwe Siebert, a core member of our decision science community, reflected on Milt’s role as a mentor and his influence on HTA in Europe and beyond.

Dr. Myriam Hunink

Dr. Myriam Hunink, a core member of our decision science community, flew from the Netherlands to provide an eloquent reflection of Milt’s role in her academic career and beyond.

Dr. Alexia Antczak-Bouckoms

Dr. Alexia Antczak-Bouckoms, Milt’s first doctoral student, provided moving comments about his role as her mentor, and his broader influence on her career and outlook on life.

Check out more from this event on our Vimeo page.