Scan through examples from our storyboards, workshops, and pilots that use drawing, mapping, and graphics to promote conceptual understanding and effective communication.

Professor Sue J. Goldie discusses disciplinary collaboration in the video above and how the Media Hub and its faculty use tools and visuals to improve multidisciplinary discourse.

Drawing on table with colorful markers showing a decision tree about Toxic Water

Using simple graphics to depict conceptual relationships, Sue J. Goldie uses an overhead camera & visuals for online learners and a tablet in the classroom. Explore the Teaching Pack: Probability Revision and Bayes.

Drawing on table with colorful markers showing a graph for QALYs

Eve Wittenberg sketches the relationship between utilities for health states, time spent in those health states, and quality-adjusted years of life. Explore the Teaching Pack: Population Health Outcomes.

Jennifer Spencer, CHDS postdoctoral fellow, presents a visual abstract to accompany a printed article in Pediatrics: “Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake.”