Sue J. Goldie Featured in Harvard Gazette

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Today’s news of pandemic and racism has catapulted the field of public health onto the global stage. Public health education, in particular, has come into focus as a critical tool for navigating misinformation and shedding light on the truths of our moment. This pursuit of truth is embedded even in Harvard University’s guiding motto—Veritas. With this vision in mind, the incoming cohort at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health was welcomed by CHDS Faculty Director Sue J. Goldie. This special welcome was recently featured in the Harvard Gazette article, “Preparing Grad and Professional Schools for Remote Fall.”

Goldie’s welcome message offers insight from her experience in the fields of medicine, global health, and decision science and as an educator and policy expert keenly aware of decisions in public health and the profound, far-reaching implications that they have globally. At this crucial moment in online pedagogy and public health, Dr. Goldie developed the course “Foundations for Public Health,” partnering with the CHDS Media Hub and GHELI, and leveraged their expertise in multimodal learning and pedagogy experimentation.

As a bookend to the course, Professor Goldie also welcomed students during Orientation Week. Here, students voiced an interest in connecting more deeply with their peers and faculty around a series of focused topics in public health. Motivated by this, and in line with the Harvard Chan School’s efforts to create new, innovative ways to engage students during this off-campus semester, Professor Goldie guided the creation of “Neighborhoods and Learning Communities.” These five novel topic-centric portals, “Neighborhood. Decision Science and Public Health” being one, provided students with curated resources, faculty and expert-led events, and discussion boards designed to expand knowledge and foster community engagement.

More about the CHDS Media Hub

The CHDS Media Hub combines a physical brainstorming space with a laboratory-like digital environment to prototype, pilot and produce educational multimedia for teaching, learning and policy translation. If you are interested in collaborating with the CHDS Media Hub, please contact the Media Hub Director, Jake Waxman.

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