Take a look behind the scenes – get a tour of the space, an idea of the creative process of a Hub experiment, and hear from CHDS’ Faculty Director on the Hub’s goals and aspirations.

Dr. Sue J. Goldie talks through the thinking behind the creation of the Media Hub, the goals it pursues, and the novel thinking and creating that goes on inside it.

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Dr. Sue J. Goldie talks through the priorities for the Media Hub at the Center for Health Decision Science: How to bridge gaps between disciplines and knowledge terrains using communication and pedagogy techniques.

The CHDS Media Hub is a decision science laboratory that explores intellectual inquiry by creating experimental and educational goods that can be used in new and novel teaching techniques. The goods created serve to both improve and task decision science experts to think out of the box and explore new teaching methods related to decision science.


View clips and highlights on our Behind the Scenes page to see the Hub's work and get a peek inside the thought process while approaching these educational puzzles.


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Intro Video: Virtual Tour

This video takes viewers through a guided tour of the Media Hub’s pedagogy lab. Included are examples of how the space is used and the creative and experimental environment the Hub offers for decision scientists.

Sanctity of Space

One of our most prized qualities of our workflow is our “Sanctity of Space”. Included is a walk through what that means in this clip with examples of the work created in the Hub's experimental environment.

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