Applied Decision Analysis Returns

Headshot of Ankur Pandya.

CHDS’ Ankur Pandya will offer an intermediate-advanced level course in experiential learning this spring, RDS 290. This course integrates theoretical concepts, methodological skills, and practical applications.

Students will conduct their own study using decision analysis, simulation modeling, and cost-effectiveness analysis. Each weekly session will be dedicated to a particular decision analytic methodology. The course will emphasize interactive discussion with complementary didactic teaching. Students will critically appraise their peers’ work and will receive detailed scientific critiques from the teaching team. Final projects will be publication quality and students may present them at scientific conferences and/or submit them to peer-reviewed journals.

“Students will come into the course with their own idea for a decision analysis, and will leave the course with their own results. I’m so excited to join them for the hard work and fun that comes between those points,” said Pandya, who also teaches the introductory level course RDS 280 Decision Analysis for Health and Medical Practices.

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