CHDS at March 2022 Benefit-Cost Conference

Headshots of Lisa Robinson, James Hammitt, Stephen Resch and Stéphane Verguet

The 2022 Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis annual conference will feature research conducted by several CHDS research teams. For example, Lisa Robinson, CHDS Deputy Director and Senior Research Scientist, is participating in a plenary session, “Who Wins and Who Loses: Inequality and Regulation,” that addresses the distribution of regulatory impacts across the advantaged and disadvantaged. She will also be leading a session on “What VSL Should We Use? Options for Developing National and Global Defaults,” and presenting research on the “Benefits and Costs of U.S. Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates” co-authored with CHDS PhD student Michael Eber as well as Harvard’s Maddalena Ferranna, Daniel Cadarette, and David Bloom. In addition to participating in the session on “What VSL should we use…?” CHDS faculty James Hammitt will be presenting his work on “Consistent Valuation of Mortality Risk using VSL, VSLY, and vQALY,” and discussing research on valuing health risk reductions in China. CHDS faculty Stéphane Verguet will be part of a roundtable discussion of “Benefit-Cost Analysis for Health Priority Setting in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.” CHDS faculty Stephen Resch will be presenting research on “Willingness to Pay for Improved Dental Health,” co-authored by Robinson and CHDS researchers Ben Roher and Ryoko Sato.

For more information and to register, please visit the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis website.

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