CHDS Faculty Release BCA Guidance

Reference Case Guidelines Printed Out

To increase the comparability of benefit-cost analyses, improve their quality, and expand their use, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded a multi-year project lead by CHDS faculty Lisa A. Robinson and James K. Hammitt. The project team has now issued the final “Reference Case Guidelines for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Global Health and Development,” which describe best practices for conducting these analyses. The process used to develop these guidelines was designed to encourage extensive stakeholder involvement, including substantial scoping work and a series of commissioned papers that develop methodological recommendations and test them through application to case studies.

The guidelines were co-authored by a team of researchers and advisors, including Lisa A. Robinson, James K. Hammitt, Michele Cecchini, Kalipso Chalkidou, Karl Claxton, Maureen Cropper, Patrick Hoang-Vu Eozenou, David de Ferranti, Anil B. Deolalikar, Frederico Guanais, Dean T. Jamison, Soonman Kwon, Jeremy A. Lauer, Lucy O’Keeffe, Damian Walker, Dale Whittington, Thomas Wilkinson, David Wilson, and Brad Wong. The guidelines also reflect substantial feedback from over 100 experts who provided comments and contributed advice throughout the project.

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