Hammitt Directs Online Risk Analysis Course

Headshot of James Hammitt.

CHDS’s James Hammitt will direct an upcoming Executive and Continuing Professional Education course, Environmental Health Risk: Analysis and Applications.  Designed for professionals in a wide variety of fields, the course focuses on developing the skills needed to expertly analyze the impact of environmental hazards on human health and improve management and communication about these hazards. The course gives an understanding of the principles of risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication, enabling participants to identify, explain and make decisions about risks to public health. It also explores the legal and policy framework that informs the direction of risk analysis.

Fourteen distinguished faculty from CHDS, HSPH and elsewhere will lead the interactive online program, using case studies, lectures, and small-group work to develop skills for risk assessment and analysis. CHDS faculty Eve Wittenberg presents a session on risk perception and communication.

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