Integrating Risk Assessment and Economic Evaluation

John Evans speaking with colleagues at workshop

Making sound policy choices requires understanding the effects of interventions on health and other risks as well as the value of these effects. CHDS faculty James K. Hammitt and Lisa A. Robinson organized a workshop, “Risk Assessment, Economic Evaluation, and Decisions,” to explore related challenges. The workshop honored John S. Evans, who has been an important contributor to this field for many years. It featured presentation and discussion of a series of papers drafted by leading experts, each of which can be downloaded from the workshop website.

The papers address the evolution of risk assessment and economic evaluation, explore recent innovations, and identify priorities for future research. Topics include, for example, improving understanding of the mortality and morbidity risks associated with different hazards, investigating the effects of behavioral changes on risk, refining the approaches used for valuation, and characterizing uncertainty and its implications for decision making.

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