Promoting Adolescent Investment in Diabetes Care

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CHDS faculty Davene Wright has been awarded NIH funding to evaluate financial incentive programs designed to help adolescents with type-1 diabetes adhere to self-management of their glucose levels. The majority of adolescents with type-1 diabetes have poor control of these levels, putting them at high risk for serious diabetes-related complications.

Research suggests that financial incentives can increase adolescent adherence to self-management. Wright and colleagues developed a flexible, patient centered incentives intervention, “InvesT1D”, based on rigorous developmental research that included qualitative, ethical, and stated preferences analyses. They conducted a pilot trial that demonstrated InvesT1D to be effective at improving adherence among adolescents with continuous glucose monitors.

This newly-funded study will be a larger, more comprehensive assessment of the optimal design of InvesT1D, including an evaluation of the efficacy and feasibility of implementing it with a diverse sample of 12-18-year-old adolescents with type-1 diabetes. Their approach includes a randomized control trial, trial- and model- based economic evaluations (from the payer, health care, and societal perspectives), a policy analysis, the development of a decision support dashboard, and qualitative interviews with patient, health care payer, and health care delivery system stakeholders. Using the data they obtain from the randomized controlled trial, they will use the IQVIA CORE Diabetes Markov model to forecast the long-term impact of InvesT1D on the health and quality of life of people with type-1 diabetes. They will then look at the costs and cost-effectiveness of the intervention versus standard care and will evaluate the feasibility of implementation within the health system.

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