Robinson and Hammitt Receive Society for Risk Analysis Awards

Lisa Robinson speaks at meeting

CHDS deputy director Lisa A. Robinson received the Outstanding Practitioner Award at the December 2021 Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting. The award recognizes a member of the Society for outstanding risk analysis practice. “Lisa is truly an outstanding practitioner,” the Society’s leadership shared, “who has great influence in improving the quality, transparency, and policy relevance of risk and benefit-cost analysis.” Robinson has served as a member of SRA’s governing Council and is currently on the Editorial Board of its journal, Risk Analysis, as well as a Fellow of the Society. She previously received SRA’s Richard J. Burk Outstanding Service Award.

In addition, CHDS faculty James K. Hammitt was jointly awarded the 2021 Best Paper Award with John S. Evans, Leonaro Rojas-Bracho, and Douglas W. Dockery, for their research, entitled “Mortality Benefits and Control Costs of Improving Air Quality in Mexico City – the Case of Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles.” The article assesses the benefits and costs of a policy to retrofit diesel trucks and buses in Mexico City with diesel-particulate filters or oxidation catalysts. It was presented at a 2019 workshop organized by Robinson and Hammitt that honored John S. Evans, and published in a special issue of Risk Analysis guest edited by Robinson.

SRA is a multidisciplinary, international association that addresses risk assessment, risk characterization, risk communication, and risk management across numerous policy areas.

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