Clinical Effectiveness with Steven Pearson

Headshot of Steven Pearson

Steven Pearson spoke about the role of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in encouraging the consideration of cost-effectiveness in US drug policy in a recent CHDS seminar. Pearson is the Founder and President of ICER and a Lecturer in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Pearson shared the story of ICER’s evolution over the past fifteen years. ICER is an independent non-profit organization that uses health technology assessment tools to develop publicly available value assessment reports on medical tests, treatments, and delivery system innovations. ICER’s work has been used by drug makers, private insurers, and federal and state governments, and has informed many major policy discussions on value-based drug pricing. Pearson highlighted essential parts of the ICER process, including freedom from conflicts of interests, rigorous evaluation of the evidence, integration of cost-effectiveness within a broader structure, and transparency and full stakeholder engagement. He noted that the ICER value assessment framework needs to continue to evolve beyond the traditional cost-effectiveness analysis framework, taking into account social and ethical impacts and benefits beyond health. Important value dimensions include issues related to price, coverage, access, innovation, and equity.

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