CHDS Affiliate & Student Honored with Publication Award


CHDS affiliated faculty Soroush Saghafian and CHDS doctoral student Lina Song were awarded first place in the Best Paper Competition for their paper on hospital closures and its impact on the healthcare sector.

The paper titled “Do Hospital Closures Improve the Efficiency and Quality of Other Hospitals?” investigates the impact of hospital closures on the surrounding hospitals’ efficiency and quality and sheds light on mechanisms through which they can be affected. Their study finds that hospital closures result in an improvement in efficiency at nearby hospitals, but there are unintended consequences such as hospitals’ speed-up behavior and reduced quality. The results found in the paper have important implications for both hospital administrators and policymakers who strive to improve the efficiency and quality of the healthcare system.

More about the competition:
This annual competition, held at the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Conference, identifies and honors outstanding papers based on its contribution towards the advancement of theory and practice of Healthcare Operations Management.

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