Pandya Receives Fellowship Award

Headshot of Ankur Pandya.

CHDS faculty member Ankur Pandya was awarded a Centre for Health Economics (CHE) Research Fellowship from the University of York (UK) for his project “Leveraging Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Identify and Reduce Low-Value Care”.

The United States has long resisted formally using cost-effectiveness analysis to inform health policy decisions, but the recent attention on value in the healthcare system – efforts to identify and reduce low-value care in particular – presents an new opportunity to use cost-effectiveness research to influence health policies “on the table” in the United States. Dr. Pandya will work with investigators at CHE in York to develop frameworks that leverage existing cost-effectiveness research to identify and reduce low-value care. Specifically, Dr. Pandya will aim to formalize potential policy approaches to reduce low-value care (i.e., health services that improve health but at exceedingly high costs), including: 1) lowering the price of these low-value services; 2) reducing the quantity of these low-value services; or 3) quantifying the value of additional cost-effectiveness research in the context of disinvesting from low-value care.

As part of this project Dr. Pandya will spend two months in York working with CHE health economists who have expertise in cost-effectiveness analysis, priority setting, and health system evaluations.

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