CHDS Hosts Faculty Resident

Photo of Stéphane and Jake smiling for camera while storyboarding

CHDS hosted Assistant Professor Stéphane Verguet as part of a Media Hub residency with Hub lead Jake Waxman. Focused on the development of educational materials related to extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA), Verguet created a teaching pack and resource pack about the topic, publically accessible within the CHDS repository. Unlike conventional cost-effectiveness analysis, ECEA includes non-health benefits such as financial risk protection and equity considerations such as distributional consequences.

The teaching pack features videos introducing extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) and detailing how it is conducted, and assembles ECEA publications and teaching materials. In addition to the videos, this teaching pack includes a glossary and tutorial. Multimedia segments included in the teaching pack were created in partnership with the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator.

The resource pack includes noteworthy publications that demonstrate broad exposure to extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA).

Waxman and Verguet used the opportunity to experiment with mobile edu-media production, and utilized another CHDS Media Hub project, Studio-Out-of-the-Box, to facilitate the experimentation and production of the final products.

About the CHDS Repository

The CHDS repository includes curated educational materials on the field of decision science, useful for a broad audience, and highlighting the relationship between decision science and other disciplines. Select resources are curated by research experts into topical teaching and resource packs, many of which include multimedia produced in the CHDS Media Hub. Watch an introductory video about the CHDS repository (~11 min).

About the CHDS Media Hub

The CHDS Media Hub supports Dr. Verguet and other Center-affiliated faculty through customized residencies that offer the opportunity to experiment with novel teaching methods and modalities over a wide range of mediums, while also producing educational media for their professional or teaching projects. If you are interested in collaborating with the CHDS Media Hub, please contact the Media Hub Director, Jake Waxman.

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