Danaei Appointed Bernard Lown Professor

Goodarz Danaei headshot

Physician and applied epidemiologist, CHDS’ Goodarz Danaei has been appointed the Bernard Lown Professor of Cardiovascular Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Danaei uses novel study designs and advanced epidemiological methods in addressing questions in population health with a focus on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. He has conceptualized and helped develop data resources and statistical models to generate the most rigorous estimates of levels and trends of CVD risk factors globally, regionally, and within individual countries. Danaei’s research also includes community-based studies in low- and middle-income countries designed to assess novel CVD risk factors and comorbidities and to evaluate the impact of interventions. His work has advanced research methodology with the adaptation and application of advanced causal inference methods to longitudinal studies using electronic health records  to examine long-term population-level impact of risk factors or interventions on CVD outcomes. This methodological advance has enabled substantial reduction of bias in observational studies of comparative effectiveness.

Danaei also serves as the Faculty Director and Chair of the Steering Committee of the Bernard Lown Scholars in Cardiovascular Health Program. Under his leadership, the Program has expanded the global network of Lown Scholars to serve 92 scholars from 23 countries and has developed an excellent training and mentoring structure. He has made unique and singular contributions to the Program by developing the next generation of researchers in CVD prevention in LMICs. Dr. Danaei has directly mentored 20 of the 92 Scholars and others have been mentored by more than 20 faculty at HSPH and other Harvard Schools.

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