Hsieh Received Merit Fellowship

Head shot of YuLi (Lily) Hsieh

Yuli (Lily) Hsieh, 5th year PhD student in Health Policy and Decision Sciences at CHDS, received the Harvard Graduate Society Merit/Term-time Fellowship to support her doctoral dissertation research. The competitive awards allow outstanding GSAS students in the humanities and social sciences to concentrate their time on research and/or writing. Lily’s dissertation research focuses on using causal inference methods, disease simulation modelling, and cost-effectiveness to assess the impact of diseases and to evaluate disease screening programs.

This Merit Award will support Lily’s effort in assessing the impact of TB disease on the risk of post-TB morbidities and mortality. Lily will work closely with CHDS faculty Nick Menzies on this project. Lily is also supported by the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship.

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