Decision Science in Health Policy Curriculum


Decision Science was introduced to the incoming Health Policy PhD cohort through a series of 5 sessions taught by CHDS faculty. All Health Policy doctoral students participate in a yearlong seminar intended to familiarize students with the health policy research literature and selected questions in the field. Faculty from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Kennedy School of Government, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Medical School, the Business School, and the Law School present sessions on topics across the disciplines relevant to health policy. The decision science topics included an introduction to the field (Ankur Pandya), Estimating the Money Value of Health (Lisa Robinson)​, Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (Stéphane Verguet)​, Preferences and Health Metrics (E. Wittenberg and D. Wright)​, and an application of modeling to HPV and cervical cancer (Jane Kim). The seminar includes discussion sessions interspersed with the faculty presentations to examine the policy relevance, research methods, and technical details of the presented topics in more depth.

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