EPIC Group Convenes at CHDS

Stephen Resch speaking at meeting table.

The EPIC project convened a group of technical advisors at CHDS to provide feedback on the project’s work streams. Over 20 participants included experts in immunization, costing, and economics, representing attendees from academic institutions (Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, U. North Carolina, U. Central Florida), research and developmental organizations (Thinkwell, John Snow, Inc., PATH), governmental and intergovernmental organization agencies (CDC, UNICEF), and EPIC funding partner, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The full-day meeting provided critical feedback on EPIC deliverables, such as the Immunization Costing sampling optimizer, methodological note for immunization costing study, and a mathematical model to predict immunization delivery costs. The advisors also discussed current analytical and fieldwork in understanding the cost of improving immunization coverage in India, decision space and local capacity, and simulations on the optimal costing estimator. The meeting concluded with an open discussion and feedback on ways to improve the global online platform immunizationeconomics.org, and a better understanding of the needs of the 900+ global experts affiliated with Immunization Economics Community of Practice.

Learn more: Read about immunizationeconomics.org, a resource created as part of the EPIC project.

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