INFORMS 2023 Conference

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CHDS faculty and students presented at the INFORMS Healthcare 2023 Conference in Toronto in July. The conference brought together digital technology communication developers, operational system engineers, social-behavioral scientists, health services researchers, and healthcare practitioners and policymakers. CHDS faculty Jagpreet Chhatwal chaired a session on the use of analytics and modeling to combat the substance use epidemic. He also presented his research on modeling the impact of public health interventions to reduce opioid-related overdose deaths across several states, including Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, and Ohio. PhD student Jacob Jameson chaired a session on how to use evidence-based approaches for improved health care delivery, as well as presented a paper co-authored with CHDS faculty Soroush Saghafian titled “Improving ED Efficiency: Tradeoffs Between Batch Ordering and Sequentially Ordering Diagnostic Tests.” Saghafian presented his paper “Ambiguous Dynamic Treatment Regimes: A Fresh Perspective from the Realm of Reinforcement Learning.” Former doctoral student, now CHDS affiliate John Giardina presented a paper co-authored with CHDS faculty Ankur Pandya, titled “Evaluating the use of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects to Personalize Blood Pressure Treatment Decision.” CHDS faculty and students made numerous contributions to the INFORMS Healthcare 2023 Conference, shedding light on innovative approaches to addressing healthcare challenges and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

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