Investment Case for New TB Vaccines

Headshots of Allison Portnoy (top) and Nick Menzies (bottom)

CHDS postdoctoral fellow Allison Portnoy and CHDS faculty Nick Menzies led economic analyses for a World Health Organization (WHO) report that describes the full value proposition for new tuberculosis (TB) vaccines. These analyses articulate the broader economic impacts of new TB vaccines in order to guide global stakeholders when making investment decisions for novel TB vaccines and to plan for the roll-out of vaccines once developed. The analyses included a range of economic outcomes relevant to different decision-makers or for different goals, including cost-effectiveness analysis, health equity analysis, return on investment analysis, and macroeconomic impact analysis, in 105 different low- and middle-income countries.

The WHO report synthesizes the results of these analyses to accelerate rapid introduction once an effective TB vaccine is approved, to achieve high population coverage and prevent differentials in vaccine access for poor and marginalized groups. While challenges remain, successful development and introduction of a new TB vaccine has the potential to accelerate the elimination of a disease that represents one of the greatest health threats for poor households worldwide.

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