Online Environmental Risk Analysis Course

Jim Hammitt smiling at camera

CHDS faculty James Hammitt will direct the online course, Environmental Health Risk: Analysis and Applications, offered February 27 through March 3, 2023. Presented through the Executive and Continuing Professional Education program at the Harvard Chan School, the course uses case studies, lectures, and small-group activities to explore topics related to risk management with a focus on the impact of environmental hazards on human health.

The public has become increasingly concerned about how health is impacted by environmental hazards such as chemicals, pollution, and food-borne disease. This awareness has raised questions about how organizations handle environmental hazards, which can be understood through risk analytic approaches. A risk analysis framework plays an important role in managing health risks to ensure proper responses from stakeholders such as governments, health organizations, and private companies.

This course is designed for those involved in conducting, reviewing, or overseeing risk analysis, risk management, or risk communication activities. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to analyze how environmental hazards impact human health. The online format of the course allows participants with varied backgrounds in government and industry experience to join globally. Distinguished faculty from HSPH and elsewhere contribute to the interactive online program, including CHDS faculty Eve Wittenberg who presents a session on risk perception and communication.

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