Netherlands Faculty Visit CHDS for Pedagogical Collaboration

Image of Myriam Hunink Speaking at Meeting.

Myriam Hunink, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Radiology at the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Adjunct Professor of Health Decision Sciences at HSPH, spent a sabbatical month at CHDS in May 2017 developing pedagogical tools for use in decision science curricula worldwide. Collaborating with Director Sue J. Goldie and education faculty Eve Wittenberg, Myriam experimented with multimedia resources to communicate highly technical and complex concepts in understandable ways. She produced 4 videos and accompanying materials focusing on decision analytic topics including Bayes Theorem and threshold analysis. Her work will be integrated into future decision science teaching at collaborating institutions the US and the Netherlands, and will be the focus of future evaluative endeavors to assess impact and learning.

Dr. Hunink directs the Assessment of Radiological Technology (ART) program and the division of Clinical Epidemiology at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Her research interests are comparative effectiveness research and health technology assessment studies of imaging tests, image-guided therapies, and lifestyle interventions, in particular for cardiovascular disease. Dr. Hunink is particularly interested in education innovation in teaching decision science, and developing the evidence base for lifestyle interventions (including meditation, yoga and martial arts) in health outcomes. She teaches in the Summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness at HSPH.

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