Eve Wittenberg Participates in Faculty Immersion Residency

Image of Eve Wittenberg Filming in the GHELI Studio.

Eve Wittenberg, Senior Research Scientist at HSPH is participating in a Faculty Immersion Residency with the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University. Wittenberg, who spearheaded a collaborative writing group for faculty and staff of CHDS, GHELI, and HSPH, was granted a faculty support award from the Incubator for the Residency, through which she will develop early pilots and explore new methods of teaching writing. She will take an open-ended and hypothesis- and experimentation-oriented approach to these pilots, driven by her interest in testing potential modalities and processes related to teaching and learning. With support from Incubator faculty and staff, Wittenberg will identify learning goals for her modules, storyboard, film, review and reflect on drafts, and iterate on ideas and content. Her skill as a published scientific writer and her interest in teaching writing will pair with the Incubator’s Faculty Immersion Residency aim to inspire novel pedagogy, build multimodal literacies, and contribute to an emerging visual “grammar” for teaching and learning.

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