Inaugural Offering of Decision Science Course in On-Line Format

Image of Sue Goldie in Media Hub.

CHDS Director Sue J. Goldie and Senior Research Scientist Eve Wittenberg collaborated on the first on-line introductory course on decision science offered at Harvard.

RDS 202, Decision Science for Public Health, was launched in Spring, 2017, for students in the MPH-epidemiology degree program. The course was designed over a one-year period and was intended to introduce students to the methods and applications of decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis in clinical and public health decision making.

Multimedia and learning design components of the course were produced with the support from the CHDS Media Hub and its lead Jake Waxman, providing an immersive digital learning environment for its students. More than 75 multimedia segments were created with a creative and consistent look and feel, designed to foster connection and social proximity with the instructor, while leveraging evidence-based multimedia design principles to optimize cognitive strategies for the learner. Other elements included interactives, animations, quantitative and qualitative exercises, engagement opportunities, and multiple avenues of assessment and feedback.

Watch the video trailer.

Watch the course “Goodbye” video for a glimpse of the courses teaching team and staff credited for the course development efforts. Video production credit: Jake Waxman, CHDS Media Hub.

More about the CHDS Media Hub

The CHDS Media Hub combines a physical brainstorming space with a laboratory-like digital environment to prototype, pilot and produce educational multimedia for teaching, learning and policy translation.

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