Portnoy Appointed as Asst. Professor at BU

Allison Portnoy smiling at camera

Allison Portnoy, former Vaccine Decision Science Policy Fellow at CHDS, will begin as an assistant professor in the Department of Global Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. At Boston University, Portnoy will continue her current research program and contribute to the teaching and mentoring of public health master’s and PhD students.

At CHDS, Portnoy focused on the development of probabilistic sensitivity analysis and comparative modeling of the health impact of HPV vaccination for Gavi-eligible countries as part of the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium, as well as estimating the future outcomes of introducing novel TB vaccines, including cost-effectiveness analysis, equity impact analysis, and macroeconomic analysis in low- and middle-income countries. Portnoy also updated her previous methodology to estimate measles case fatality ratios and associated burden/mortality estimates as the foundation for an automated package that can be used to systematically produce these estimates for the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium and World Health Organization. She conducted several analyses on cervical cancer prevention policy in Norway, which included how individual cervical cancer prevention policy decisions influenced the timing of cervical cancer elimination, the potential cost-effectiveness of switching the routine HPV vaccination program from bivalent to nonavalent vaccine, and how the cost-effectiveness profile changed when evaluated alongside less frequent screening intervals for vaccinated birth cohorts.

In her new role, Portnoy will continue to estimate the impact of novel TB vaccines as part of the forthcoming Gavi Vaccine Investment Strategy, develop methods to estimate the vaccine delivery costs of reaching zero-dose children, and begin new work on the health and economic impact of RSV vaccines. Portnoy has already begun to contribute to a Boston University and Boston Medical Center research collaboration for TB research.

Portnoy will remain as a valued member of the affiliated faculty at the Center once her new role begins.

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