Post-Acute Care in China

Headshot of Fangli Geng

Fangli Geng, Ph.D. candidate at CHDS, collaborated with researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College to develop and validate the first case-mix categorization that describes post-acute care treatments for stroke patients. The research is part of China’s ongoing policy initiatives to establish a post-acute care system. This work expands upon Geng’s post-acute care policy research in the United States to the Chinese context. “Although the post-acute care systems in the United States and China are at different phases of development and face different challenges, we can learn a lot from each other to enhance both” she said. Under the skilled nursing facility payment scheme, both countries have implemented the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), a new case-mix classification model, in the last two years. Geng is currently assessing the new model’s effects on health-care spending and patient outcomes. She expects to release her findings in the near future.

Learn more: Read the publication, Analysis of the Cost and Case-mix of Post-acute Stroke Patients in China Using Quantile Regression and the Decision-tree Models

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