Risk Analysis Course with James Hammitt

James Hammitt Giving Speech.

What is risk analysis and why is it important in decision science? This February, Professor James K. Hammitt offers the 4-day course “Analyzing Risk: Principles, Concepts, and Applications”, which explores the principles, concepts, and applications of analyzing and assessing risks. This course uses case studies, lectures, and small-group discussion to explore a wide range of topics including hazard identification, toxicology and epidemiology in risk analysis, risk perception, and the relationship between risk management and the law. The course includes guest lectures by Gina McCarthy, former administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other distinguished faculty. Students who complete this course will have a deeper understanding of how to determine the severity a hazard poses to public health, an increased capacity to communicate about health risks, and a greater understanding of how to use risk analysis to improve decision-making and to apply these concepts to management issues.

The course draws participants from diverse backgrounds, functions, and organizations, with over 30% of alumni coming from outside the United States, and representing more than 30 different countries. As the public becomes increasingly concerned about how their health is impacted by environmental hazards, it is crucial for health organizations, governments, and private companies to use risk analysis to protect public health.

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