Decision Science On-Line Course

Drawings Describing Modules of RDS 202 "Module A: Sensitivity analysis, decisions, probability, trees, decision analysis, Bayes. Module B: Diagnostic tests, information ROC curves, positivity criterion. Module C: Utilities, preferences, QALYS, DALYS, theory. Module D: Cost-effectiveness, policy, ethics, value, economics, money".

CHDS Faculty Director Sue J. Goldie and Senior Research Scientist Eve Wittenberg offers the on-line decision science course “RDS 202: Decision Science for Public Health” for the upcoming Spring semester. This is the second year the course has been offered at the Harvard Chan School, and was created in partnership with the MPH-Epidemiology degree program. Originally piloted in 2017, RDS 202 was the first on-line introductory course in decision science offered at Harvard.

The course provides students with an introduction to the methods and applications of decision science and cost-effectiveness analysis in clinical and public health decision making. The course uses a variety of synchronous and asynchronous components that complement the learning style of on-line students, which includes: weekly multimedia videos, engagement activities, readings, and homework problem sets.

Senior collaborator Dr. Djøra Soeteman and teaching fellows John Giardina and Fangli Geng join the team this Spring. Among new course features and materials, the course will be offering two optional labs on decision modeling using the software Amua.

Interested in learning more about RDS 202? Contact Christina Fasano for more information.

Learn more: Watch the original video trailer from the first year of the course.

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