Robinson Honored by Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

Headshot of Lisa Robinson

CHDS Deputy Director Lisa Robinson was named a Fellow by the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, the Society’s highest award for contributions to theory and practice, at its March 2022 Annual Conference and Meeting. She was recognized as a rare individual with “both top-shelf academic qualifications and experience in the trenches.” She has conducted numerous assessments of the costs, benefits, and other impacts of environmental, health, and safety policies and regulations, developed widely used approaches for valuing changes in health and longevity, and drafted several guidance documents.

Robinson previously received the Society’s Richard O. Zerbe Distinguished Service Award and the Best Symposium award from its Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. She is a Society past President and served on its governing Board as well as several committees. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis and is consistently ranked among its most cited authors. Other Fellows include Sir Partha Dasgupta, The University of Cambridge; Jack Knetsch, Simon Fraser University; and Robert Haveman, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The Society works to improve the theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis and to support evidence-based policy decisions. The Society Fellows Program was previously designated as the Outstanding Achievement Award, which was received by CHDS’s James Hammitt in 2021.

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