Tabby2: Interactive Webtool Providing Tuberculosis Projections

Headshot of Nicole Swartwood

A new interactive webtool can estimate future U.S. tuberculosis (TB) and latent TB infection (LTBI) cases in US states. Nicole Swartwood, Research Analyst in CHDS Faculty Nicolas Menzies’ lab, is leading current efforts to expand and launch the webtool “Tabby2” in collaboration with the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Tabby2 webtool–publicly available at— provides state-specific projections of future TB outcomes, service utilization, and costs for all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. While the number of TB cases in the US is among the lowest globally, TB continues to be a complex condition made more so by medical comorbidities. The Tabby2 tool can assist state and local health officials who need information on the potential long-term trajectory of TB epidemiology to allocate budgets while providing the greatest health impact. It can be used by individuals as well as TB Elimination Programs to customize TB interventions and compare the costs and health outcomes of projected scenarios. The Tabby2 webtool will incorporate new TB and demographic data as it becomes publicly available; an update to include the 2020 National TB Surveillance System data has just been released.

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