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Cardiovascular Disease Model

The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention Model is used to compare the health and economic consequences of alternative screening, prevention, and treatment strategies in the United States. The model captures lifestyle and environmental risk factors that influence CVD outcomes. More on the CVD model.

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Modeling Maternal Mortality

The maternal mortality policy model is empirically calibrated to country-specific data and is used to compare the health benefits and economic consequences of different strategies to prevent maternal mortality. Analyses are intended to provide actionable information to decision makers. More on the maternal model. 

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Featured: Models and Guidelines

This article describes the rationale for using decision models to support the development of evidence-based clinical preventive service guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.
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Featured: Bayesian Calibration

This article provides a tutorial on Bayesian approaches for model calibration, describing the theoretical basis for Bayesian calibration approaches as well as pragmatic considerations.