CHDS Faculty Chair Panels at National Meeting

Image of Lisa Robinson in Conversation.

CHDS faculty James Hammitt and Lisa Robinson chaired key panels on benefit-cost analysis in global health at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Meeting on March 15th-17th held in Washington, D.C. James Hammitt chaired a session “Developing a Reference Case for BCA in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries” with participants David Wilson, Thomas Wilkinson, and Lisa A. Robinson. Lisa Robinson chaired a session on “Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries: Addressing Data Gaps and Inconsistencies” with Nils Axel Braathen, Maureen Cropper, James K. Hammitt, Alan Krupnick, Urvashi Narain, and W. Kip Viscusi. Both sessions were relevant to a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which involves developing guidelines to encourage the conduct of high quality benefit‐cost analyses. To learn more, visit the project web portal.

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